Car Hacking Village Badge - Defcon 28

Official Car Hacking Village Badge for Defcon 28
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Defcon may be cancelled, but badgelife isn't! This year we teamed up with the Car Hacking Village to bring you something special. The badge features automotive ethernet, a retro theme, and lots of LEDs!

More info about the badge here: Car Hacking Village Badge - Defcon 28

Badge Specs:

 - NXP LPC51U68 Microcontroller
 - NXP TJA1102 100Base-T1 Dual PHY
 - 2x Microchip KSZ8091MNX 100Base-TX PHY
 - 25 LEDs
 - Runs on 3 AAA batteries or USB

We have a limited number of these badges available, so get yours before they're gone!

Free shipping in the USA. Only $10 for international shipping.

NOTE: Badges won't be shipped until right before Defcon. They should arrive during the week of Defcon if you're in the USA. International shipping will take longer, sorry.

  • Availability: Out of Stock